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Nanocarbon Materials LLC is the unique manufacturer of nanostructured carbon materials with a current activation line within Russia.

Nanostructured carbon material
is a material that provides
products with unique physical
and chemical characteristics.
NCM provides materials with new properties


Oil-producing and carbon-mining industry

Manufacturing of corrosion proof and wear-resistant coatings for oil-rig, carbon-mining, oil-extracting and oil-refining equipment

Medical Industry

Surgical implants


Aluminum sections, mounting structures and other construction processes. Window manufacturing. Protective-decorative coatings


Permanent mold foundry, smelted mold cores, furnace lining, thermal shields, etc.

Consumer Goods Industry

Feed carriers, shuttles and other details for textile and sewing equipment.


Friction couples, friction-type bearings, gear systems, forcers, cylinders, end seals for combustion engines, machines and devices of various application for shipbuilding industry and aircraft industry, details for agricultural equipment



Research conducted on Nano carbon material application in electro deposition (chromium coating and ironing).

The development of a fusion facility and an activation line for multi-walled carbon Nano-tubes.

The assembly of a fusion facility within the territory of Technopolis GS innovation cluster (Gusev City of Kaliningrad Region).


A ceremony of Nano carbon materials manufacturing and line activation.

Breaking-in with NCM Chrome technology: definition of the ideal parameters concerned with additive applications for the achievement of required results.

A visit of the Rosnano delegation, which is chaired by A. Chubais, to the enterprise.

Nanocertifica has certified the enterprise in accordance with voluntary system certifications of Nano-industrial products and management systems.


NCM Chrome technology is actively applied in the sphere of electro deposition in Russia and abroad.

Examples of successful introduction of the technology include:

Kostromskoy Vehicle Components Plant, CJSC


Piston rings chromium coating

Tyazhpromarmatura, CJSC

Alexin City

Isolation valves chromium coating

Shtok-Avto, LLC

Ulyanovsk City

Vehicle shock absorber rods and gas strut rods



Chromium coating of die molds for Jinan Jingnuo Scientific Co. Ltd (China) automatic molding machines, textile equipment details chromium coating

Kostromskoy Vehicle Components Plant

Why choose our Company?


5 years in the market


Own-patented technology


Only activation line in Russia


Experience with technology introduction at the main Russian enterprises


Highly qualified personnel

NCM by Nano carbon Materials, LLC
is an entirely Russian product!

Nano carbon Materials, LLC is part of the unique private Technopolis GS innovative cluster in Kaliningrad Region.