• May 25, 2015

    GS Group presented the first results of application of the in-house developed nanocarbon material

    March 25, 2015, Chief Research Manager of Nanocarbon Materials LLC (part of the GS Group holding company), Valery Drozdovich, attended the II International Technology Forum “Innovations. Technology. Production.” The speaker presented successful examples of application of the NCM Chrome nano-additive, developed and manufactured by GS Group, in Russian industry.

    The representative of Nanocarbon Materials LLC announced the first results of application of unique NCM Chrome nanocarbon additive for the preparation and adjustment of electrolyte in the electroplating industry in Russian industrial plants. The speaker reported on Shtok-Auto, manufacturer of automotive components based in Ulyanovsk, which uses electrolytes with nano-additive to apply hard chrome coatings on automotive stocks and gate valves, as a vivid example of successful cooperation. ZAO Tyazhpromarmatura (in the city of Alexin) also uses NCM Chrome in electroplating for chromium coating of gates and shut-off valves for the oil and gas industry. Experts from Russian plants note that chrome-plating technology with the use of suspension electrolytes containing nanocarbon reduces energy and material consumption and increases production rate and environmental sustainability. Industrial production confirms the possibilities of the NCM Chrome wide application for corrosion-resistant chromium coating of various grades of steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum alloys. The advantages of such coatings include durability, wear-resistance and decorativeness.

    Nanocarbon Materials LLC (part of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS in Kaliningrad region) is Russia’s only producer of nanostructured carbon materials (NCM) with an activation line. The enterprise has arranged production of NCM Chrome nano-additives and developed a unique technology for chromium plating with its application which has been successfully used in Russia, China, Taiwan and other countries over 3 years. The expertise of Nanocarbon Materials LLC also includes technical audit of electroplating production, implementation and adaptation of NCM Chrome technology, development of specialized technology for the application of nanocarbon materials in accordance with the specific needs of the customer.

    The II International Technology Forum “Innovations. Technology. Production.” brought together over 1000 Russian and foreign experts from major high-tech industrial companies, small and medium enterprises, representatives of higher and vocational education institutions and leading Russian research organizations. The forum participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the development trends of the engineering industry, share experience and find new partners to form supply chains of technologies and solutions.