• October 6, 2014

    Nanostructured Carbon Materials of GS Group introduced at the 18th International Forum "Russian industrialist"

    On October 1 to 3, 2014 GS Group presented Nanostructured Carbon Materials, LLC, one of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS enterprises, at the International Forum "Russian industrialist" in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    An exhibit booth was reserved to present Nanostructured Carbon Materials, LLC, at the forum "Russian industrialist". During three days the forum guests could get first-hand information about the unique Russian production of nanostructured carbon materials (NCM) with integrated activation technology. The stand attracted representatives of companies specializing in oil and coal industries along with machine-building industry – fields suitable for application of in-house NCM developed by GS Group R&D department. Another group of attendees included students interested in further employment at the modern high-tech enterprises of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS (the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region).

    Valery Drozdovich, Chief Research Manager, Nanostructured Carbon Materials, LLC took part in the 4th Research and practical conference "Coating and surface treatment. Latest developments in technologies, ecology and equipment" held on October 2 within the forum "Russian industrialist". The round table discussion embraced new methods of galvanic coatings, effluent treatment, polymeric materials application etc. The speaker introduced the new generation of chrome coatings obtained from electrolytes that contain nanocarbon. The expert noted that nano-additive manufactured by the company is a unique way to provide wear resistance, hardness and other technologically important characteristics for metal products. The closed-door round table brought together around 50 specialists on galvanics, electrochemistry and surface treatment.

    "Our product is a brand new chrome plating technology, which allows getting hard and non-porous chrome with unique properties, – commented Valery Drozdovich, Chief Research Manager, Nanostructured Carbon Materials, LLC. We have developed, and now manufacture and offer our clients nano-additive and unique certified technology of its application in various fields. Fields of application of such chrome are broad and include oil industry, rocket production, coal mining, metal industry mining, medicine and other emerging areas."

    Over 250 Russian and foreign companies in the field of machine tool and machine building industries, metal processing, robotics, lighting technologies etc. attended the 18th International Forum "Russian industrialist" this year. The forum is the largest platform for sharing experiences and for demonstration of the achievements of industrial companies in Russia and abroad. Event was held with the official support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Government of St. Petersburg and professional associations and unions.