Design competition

On 5/12/2014, the results of a design competition on the practical application of nanostructured carbon materials (NCM), arranged by the GS Venture corporate venture fund and Nanocarbon Materials, LLC, both are parts of the GS Group holding company, was released.

Expert jury has chose three teams, which have submitted the most suitable designs in accordance with competitive conditions.

The aim of venture project competition in the NCM sphere is the search for essential and prospective ideas for the practical commercialized application of certain carbon Nano modified materials (carbon Nano-tubes and Nano fiber), and also support of the authors of innovation projects that concern the implementation of their ideas by means of investment and own material and technical basis of Nanocarbon Materials, LLC.

At the final stage of competition, the jury evaluates the scientific importance of the submitted designs, the liquidity of developed products and technologies, and the possibility of further research and advance development as well as the commercialization of the product.

After careful consideration of all requests, an expert board that’s defined into three teams gets closer to fulfillment of given requirements

  • Development of catalyzers for air hydrogen fuel cells

    Nadezhda Glebova
    Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Power Semiconductors Laboratory
    Saint Petersburg

  • Technology of application of carbon adsorbents, modified by Nano dispersed silicon dioxide for creation of modern analytic systems

    Research team of Chemistry Department
    Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education, Korolyov Samara State Aerospace University (National Research University)

  • Project on acetylene hydro chlorination with the application of CNM-based catalyzers


Experts of GS Venture corporate venture fund are planning to continue its search for developers by proposing commercialized technologies of NCM application.

List of required focus areas

Dispergation applied approach, activation and introduction of NCM into materials

Composite materials, alloys and coatings, developed on the basis of NCM application technologies

Prospective spheres for NCM application

Propose a project
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