Technical Audit of Electroplating Industry

Nanocarbon materials, LLC offers high-quality technical audit services for electroplating industry.

Technical audit is a series of actions aimed at production optimization and efficiency improvement of the equipment stock.
Our company carries out an analysis of production processes, major and auxiliary equipment of galvanic chrome plating lines, condition of treatment facilities for the disposal of chromiferous electroplating wastes.

Technical audit performed by Nanocarbon materials, LLC will help to identify bottlenecks in the enterprise management and equipment operation, as well as to elaborate action-oriented recommendations to reduce labor costs and improve performance.

After the audit has been carried out, Nanocarbon materials, LLC will offer a series of measures for:

  • improving technology and equipment used for chrome plating of shut-off valves items in accordance with the requirements of standards, regulations and specifications. In particular, we provide services for introduction and adaptation of NCM Chrome technology, and development of specialized technologies of NCM application in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer;
  • optimization of the composition, preparation and operation of the improved chrome plating electrolytes;
  • detoxification of ventilation emissions and disposal of chromiferous electroplating wastes with opening up of recycling water supply;
  • reprocessing and increasing the operational life of chrome plating electrolytes.

Technical audit of electroplating industry performed by Nanocarbon materials, LLC will help to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce wastes, and ensure production of high-quality products

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